The Minister of Internal Affairs in the Technical Government, Panče Toškovski, has announced the successful revision of the dysfunctional scheduled appointments for taking photos for personal documents late last night. He further reveals that the “Prolet” point in Skopje will now operate in two shifts, significantly enhancing the capacity for photographing.

Toškovski highlights that, following the initial data comparison, there is a notable reduction of 20 percent, translating to approximately 30,000 unnecessary phone appointments. He emphasizes that these non-essential appointments burden the system, attributing the issue to citizens scheduling appointments in November-December instead of the recommended period in August-September.

Starting from the day after tomorrow, the Prolet station will be operational with 14 base stations and the engagement of 14 photographers—police officers employed by the Ministry of the Interior who volunteered for the task. Additionally, from the following Monday, a second shift will be introduced, involving an extra 14 volunteers from the Ministry of the Interior.

Toškovski clarifies, “This means that we will increase the capacity of four base stations responsible for taking photos, facilitating the gradual issuance of personal documents to 28 in a single day.” The Ministry of the Interior reported these developments.