Besa has left the ruling coalition to join the parliamentary majority on the side of the opposition, and after 18 years, DUI finally goes into the opposition.

DUI leader, Ali Ahmeti, said from the Parliament that he does not believe that the Besa Movement will leave the ruling coalition, but still, Besa did it, as announced by the Secretary General of the Besa Party.

I think that it will not happen that Besa leaves the Government, because such a move will not be in favor of that party. Their statements can be understood as a kind of pressure on the ruling coalition, but the coalition will not be harmed by such statements or similar pressures. First of all, it is not good because those statements mean pressure on the institutions that must implement the law, said Ahmeti.

Today, Hoxha reiterated that Ahmeti should get used to the opposition.

And officially, as of tonight, after 18 years in power, DUI goes into the opposition.