A Facebook page used by propagandists of the ruling SDSM party to attack the opposition ceased posting fabricated videos today, after it was caught manipulating the public.

The Facebook group called Koci Micko posted an edited video with statements made by VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski taken entirely out of context, meant to present VMRO as an anti-Western party.

Looking into the phone number associated with the group, poltiical activist Bogdan Ilievski noted that it is owned by the Frontline news site – edited by high level pro-SDSM propagandist Xhabir Deralla, who, ironically, often works on EU and US funded programs to fight misinformation.

Deralla denied his involvement in the scandal, but today, the Facebook page shows that it is no longer running ads.

They stopped their dark propaganda campaigns with fake videos. Remember the denial from Xhabir that Frontline, whose cell phone was listed as contact in the boosted video as part of a dark propaganda campaign against VMRO. Xhabir claimed that he didn’t know about the video and that he was not involved in it. It wasn’t him, we are not correct, but today they stopped boosting the video, Ilievski said.