DUI leader Ali Ahmeti, accompanied by fellow party members, continued his meetings with the citizens of Vrapciste municipality. In addition to Ahmeti, Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi, First Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi, the General Secretary of the DUI Faton Ahmeti, MP Bajram Kadria and the president of the DUI branch in Vrapciste, Nebi Redzepi, also addressed the audience.

Ahmeti spoke about the importance of the pro-European front and the unification of all Albanians. He also called on fellow Macedonians to join the Albanians on the road to Europe.

Albanians, together with our fellow citizens, must unite, so that we do not deal with topics related to the past 20 years, but look to the future. DUI is left out of important processes, therefore we must invest in young people and make sacrifices for their sake. I was 40 years old when I started the war, so today many generations have grown up with DUI. We stand against bureaucracy, for transparency and accountability because this is money collected from taxpayers. The screening must be completed in November, so we must go through this process step by step. We still have a lot of work to do, because that’s the only way we’ll get closer to Europe. This is how a better standard is achieved and migration is stopped and people stay and return to their country. Let’s unite all Albanians, make the pro-European front, call our fellow Macedonians and lead this country toward the EU. We gained a lot with NATO, we have security in the country and we are equal with all member countries. We are fighting against crime, corruption, and divisions, because we have worked and will work for unity and bringing together around a common platform, for the new generations, because other generations are rising on their shoulders. I am proud of our staff wherever they present themselves, that’s why we must invest in quality staff, Ahmeti said.