In his 360 interview, DUI party leader Ali Ahmeti denied knowing or helping out businessman Erxhan Sulkoski, even though he was in busness with Ahmeti’s son in law Kushtrim Smajlaj.

Ahmeti was pressed how is it possible that a company set up in early 2022 by Sulkoski immediately made 12 million EUR in revenue and 2.5 million EUR in profits.

This is the first time I hear his name, Ahmeti insisted about Sulkoski.

Sulkoski is partner in the major oil importer and trader RKE, set up by Ratko Kapushevski, former political official. Sulkoski entered in RKE in 2022, after the company won a huge contract to import heating oil, which is unlikely to be possible without involvement from DUI.

This all looks like a fraternal division of spoils between SDSM and DUI. It’s a 110 million EUR contract, pressed journalist Vasko Popetrevski, who also alleged involvement of DUI member of Parliament Ismail Jahoski, who is also a major oil trader.

Popetrevski also pressed Ahmeti about his other in-laws, a company called A.S. Senjak owned by the father of his son’s fiance Selaudin Arifi. this company has annual revenue of 5 to 6 million EUR. “It’s an old company, that was  operational before my son and his daughter were in a relationship”, Ahmeti replied.

Ahmeti insisted that his son Shkumbin is a mere architect. When pressed about his energy business investments, Ahmeti insisted that Shkumbin made his money himself, working in Switzerland.