Speaking to the press, newly appointed Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani insisted that his party leader Ali Ahmeti is going to the Hague tomorrow just as a witness and not as a defendant. Ahmeti has been summoned before the special war crimes prosecutors in the Hague who are investigating the UCK Albanian organization that fought in the Kosovo war.

Ahmeti was involved in founding the UCK in Kosovo and then, in 2001, he led the UCK/NLA terrorist group in Macedonia sparking a civil war. He has received amnesty for his war crimes in Macedonia.

Ahmeti is invited as a witness, Osmani insisted today. Prosecutors in the Hague refused to disclose in what capacity is he called in.

DUI recently joined SDSM in forming a new ruling coalition, in which Ahmeti’s main confidant, Artan Grubi, has a newly created position as practically co-Prime Minister to Zoran Zaev.