Repeated mayoral elections are being held today in the municipality of Centar Zupa.

All 16 polling stations are open since 7 am and the voting process is running smoothly. We hope that the whole election day will run like that. 7,077 voters are eligible to cast their votes, which is 240 voters less than in the October 17 local elections last year, said Nedzip Iljaz, chairman of the Municipal Election Commission.

52 sick and frail people voted in this municipality yesterday.

There are two candidates running for mayor, nominated by political parties.

In this municipality, the voting for mayor is repeated because the turnout was 25.77 percent and the required turnout threshold of 33.3 percent of the total, then, 7,317 registered voters was not provided.

Well-known businessmen in Italy from this municipality, provided free transportation and as of yesterday afternoon, several hundred expatriates arrived to vote.