US President Joe Biden can’t exert any pressure on the talks between Macedonia and Bulgaria,  Bulgarian Ambassador to Macedonia, Angel Angelov said during Friday’s meetings with Bulgarian officials in Dojran.

It is illusory for someone to exert pressure. Bulgaria is only protecting its national interests, Angelov said.

Regarding the protests and blockades of VMRO-DPMNE seeking insight into the document on the negotiating framework under which the talks with Bulgaria are taking place, the Bulgarian ambassador says that there is nothing disputable or harmful in that.

Talks are ongoing, it ‘s no secret to anyone. We are working in order to achieve a positive outcome by June 22, Angelov said.

Regarding the vaccine donation from Bulgaria, he said that permission from the EU was still pending.

The procedures there are difficult, we are working on it and we expect Brussels to give us the green light, he said.

However, at the initiative of Dr. Milen Radevski, said Angelov, two sites have been opened at the border crossings near Delcevo and Novo Selo, where Macedonian citizens can get vaccinated, adding that efforts were made to allow them to choose from all vaccines available, not only from AstraZeneka and Pfizer.