Oliver Spasovski called on citizens to stay calm on the occasion of the celebration of Goce Delcev’s birth anniversary on February 4 and promised that as Minister of Internal Affairs, he will not allow humiliation of the Macedonian people.

We must de-escalate the situation that irresponsible politicians, groups and individuals want to make worse. We will not allow any escalation, incident, or humiliation of the Macedonian people and state by anyone. Here are the institutions of the system that function and that must secure all the expectations we have. I want to send a clear message to political entities and politicians, to be responsible in this process. Because irresponsibility is not good for the citizens and the state, peace and stability are the responsibility of each one of us. To abandon such rhetoric from various “patriotic institutes” about what they can do. Do not, as citizens, succumb to the call of any political subjects and assume the authority of the institutions. This is a message to all who want to participate. Because the past has shown that those who motivate people to supposedly protect democracy, the state and the nation, remain intact. Those who go against the state, and the institutions, are now in prison. Everyone should enable the celebration of February 4 to be dignified, and the institutions are here to take care of everything needed for order and security in the country. Nobody must be and will not be allowed to be above the state!, said Spasovski.