Fourteen citizens of Tetovo were burned alive, and Zoran Zaev says this is a banal thing! Why does he not accept the resignations? This confirms that his and Venko Filipce’s positions are more important than any other kind of motive!, Elmi Aziri, MP of the opposition Alliance for Albanians reacted to Prime Minister Zoran Zaev’s bizzare comments about the Tetovo hospital disaster.

Aziri says that this is not the first time Zaev has been placed in the protection of crime and corruption.

The scandal with the passports of international criminals, the scandal in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the arrested diplomat, the protection of Kiceec, the business interests of his narrow circle…,says Aziri in his reaction to the non-acceptance of the resignations over the Tetovo tragedy and Zaev’s attempt to trivialize the tragedy.