Former SDSM and Macedonia President Branko Crvenkovski does not want to comment on Zoran Verusevski’s testimony that the 2010 illegally obtained wiretaps were first taken to the then opposition SDSM, and the ex-intelligence officer analyzed them as responsible for security policy.

TV Alfa asked Former President Branko Crvenkovski’s Office for comments on Verusevski’s testimony, whether he as opposition SDSM leader really received the so-called bombs and how much material was delivered to the party? The Office briefly said that Crvenkovski maintains his positions not to comment on current topics, including this one.

The question arises why Crvenkovski did not want to explain to the public exactly what was happening in the party when he was in charge of SDSM, and at the same time, as a former head of state, enjoys all the benefits offered by the state and the citizens? This leaves open doubts what did Crvenkovski know and why he was silent?

In a latest testimony in relation to SPO’s “Target-Fortress” case, former intelligence officer Verusevski caused a series of public reactions after he disassociated himself from the “bombs” and said they were taken directly to the headquarters of the opposition SDSM in 2010. He cast a shadow on the wiretaps by claiming that they were “heavily modified” after his arrest in January 2015.

(Source -TV Alfa)