The MPs from the “Revival” parliamentary group as well as the guests on the balcony of the plenary hall in the Bulgarian National Assembly displayed banners reading: “Macedonia is Bulgaria”, and the chairman of the session Atanas Atanasov asked them to remove them so he does not have to kick them out of the hall.

The banners were the decoration of the speech of “Revival” leader Kostadin Kostadinov, who criticized, among other things, the proposal of Macron and the French policy in the Balkans.

Macron’s goal is not to solve the Bulgarian national question and problems, but to solve his internal problems, because in the national elections he was defeated by both the left and the right, and since the end of the French presidency he should end up with a foreign policy medal, to show victory. It is like the time when Austria-Hungary boasted of victories on the Balkan Peninsula where it could only win. France, as a declining great power, obviously has nothing to be proud of except to say that it has managed to silence Bulgaria, Kostadinov said.

He also blasted Serbian saying that its intelligence services through Macedonia are working against Bulgaria, and he also criticized Albania, especially insulted by Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama who yesterday addressed their country with an ironic tone and insults.

At the end of his speech before the MPs, Kostadinov stressed:

Macedonia is Bulgaria, Bulgaria is Macedonia. Macedonia is Thrace. Macedonia is Dobrudja and we will never allow the Bulgarian national interest to be betrayed, because we suffered two national catastrophes because our Bulgarian government gave away Macedonia and now we reach the third national catastrophe, said Kostadinov whose party “Revival” will not vote today on the resolution on Macedonia in the Bulgarian National Assembly.