We demand direct responsibility from Kovacevski for the French proposal that he himself negotiated and agreed. Kovacevski cannot manipulate that he and the government did not know about the proposal in the preparation of which official state bodies participated. According to the statements of Stevo Pendarovski, as well as numerous diplomats from their careers, the proposal was made with the involvement of all parties, says Dragan Kovacki, MP and member of the EC of VMRO-DPMNE.

We demand responsibility and resignations from Bojan Maricic and Bujar Osmani as directly involved in the negotiation process. The responsibility must not be reduced to the principle that the cable is to blame for the fire of some administrative officials. The people are fed up with manipulations. If Kovacevski was not acquainted with the proposal, as he claims, although it is impossible that he did not know what his subordinates were doing, he should ask for the resignation of both Osmani and Maricic or dismiss them immediately himself. Although we believe that Kovacevski is behind the humiliating proposal all the time and was acquainted with the details of it, but he also managed the process of pushing it in public. Let us not forget that their whole plan was to manipulate and lie to the public through blitzkrieg manipulation, the proposal to be passed immediately in the Bulgarian Parliament, which was delayed due to the resignation of the Bulgarian government, and then a blitzkrieg operation to pass this proposal in Macedonia, by creating of euphoria for the start of negotiations. Kovacevski should resign for manipulating and lying to the public, but also for causing permanent damage to the Macedonian negotiating positions, he said.

The consent that the government and Kovacevski have given to this proposal in general and to make it public has laid the foundations for future Bulgarian blackmail, and the possibility that any subsequent proposal will be at least as bad as this one. The damage done in this way is not immediate, but permanent and there must be responsibility for this, Kovacki added.