As a government, we have not been functioning normally for three months due to the local elections. The work of all institutions is reduced to a minimum, which surprised me, because I am new to politics. We should have adopted the Budget during this period, we are facing a crisis with the pandemic, we have an economic crisis, and the energy crisis is a new moment, so now is not the time not to work full speed ahead, the Vice President of SDSM and Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Coordination of Economic Departments and Investments Fatmir Bytyqi said on the “Morning Briefing” show.

Regarding the procedure for the resignation of SDSM President Zoran Zaev, Bytyqi said that the Central Board only asked for the decision on the resignation to be postponed.

Resignation is a high democratic act and in normal countries it would be understood as a way to reconsider why things did not go well. In our country, this is understood too dramatically. I appreciate his decision to resign, but also the attitude to be postponed, Bytyqi said.

He believes that in our country the positions of party president are connected with the Prime Minister.

In our society, it is almost impossible to have a prime minister other than the president of the ruling party unless there is a technical or expert government. Now follows the consolidation of the party and further a new prime minister-designate. I think that soon we will get a “Zaev 3” government, again a government led by Zaev with the change of six or seven ministers. I think we need him to continue some processes, Bytyqi said.

The reshuffle of the government, as the Deputy Prime Minister pointed out, is good and there should be some change of staff.