Public Prosecutor Ljubomir Joveski responded to the criticism he faced from Deputy Prime Minister Slavica Grkovska, who is in charge of fighting corruption. The high profile spat within the ruling SDSM party erupted as the US, UK and EU embassies issued coordinated calls for Macedonia to finally begin fighting corruption and said that the situation in this area is getting worse.

In her public statement, which she made as a person who carries a public office in the executive, some of her ostensibly personal comments could mean direct interference in the work of the prosecutors and endangering our independence, Joveski responded.
He pointed out to the latest European Commission report on Macedonia, which, he said, does not contain objections on the work of the prosecutors, and instead finds “moderate progress in fighting corruption”. He called for more funds for his institution, and less debates and conferences that have negligible effect.

Joveski also called on “all politicians to refrain from making personal statements without real and substantiated arguments and without knowing the situation in the prosecutors’ service”.