The leader of SDSM, Dimitar Kovachevski, along with leaders from various coalition partners, formalized the establishment of a pre-electoral coalition named “Coalition for European Future” by signing a coalition agreement on Wednesday, as announced by the party in a press release.

The coalition agreement was signed by SDSM, New Social Democratic Party (NSDP), Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), Turkish Movement Party, Pensioners’ Party, Democratic Renewal of Macedonia (DOM), VMRO – People’s Party (VMRO-NP), Democratic Union of the Vlachs of Macedonia, Party for Social and Economic Progress (POEN), Roma Alliance of Macedonia, Desnica, Party for the Democratic Prospertiy of Roma, Party of Democratic Action of Macedonia (SDA), and the New Republic Movement.

According to the press release, the “Coalition for European Future” is dedicated to the European path, aiming for a European standard of living and a prosperous, developed country characterized by democracy, rule of law, and social justice. The coalition pledges to enhance citizens’ quality of life, stimulate economic growth and development through domestic and foreign investments, support local businesses, and ensure a dignified life for pensioners as a fundamental aspect of its election campaigns and initiatives.

SDSM further stated in the press release that the winning pro-European coalition intends to form a new pro-European government following the upcoming elections. It aims to spearhead reform processes and endeavors to conclude the country’s EU negotiations by 2028, with the ultimate goal of EU membership by 2030