Bulgaria’s stance is currently negative and Macedonia’s negotiating framework will not be adopted at the EU General Affairs Council (GAC) on Tuesday, Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs, Nikola Dimitrov, said Monday on TV Telma’s “Top tema” show.

Our issue will probably be discussed, but given all the statements, especially this weekend there were many statements from Sofia on this issue, and given the procedures in the EU, no decisions will be made tomorrow. The negotiating framework will not be adopted, Dimitrov said.

According to the latest information coming from the EU, the German presidency will not adopt the negotiating framework unless a consensus is secured, and at this point, says Dimitrov, it is clear that we have a negative stance from our eastern neighbor.

The Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs stressed that the Government remains committed to finding a solution, because the stakes are high for us, as well as for the EU and Bulgaria, but said that issues such as language or identity are not up for discussion.