After Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration Nikola Dimitrov told a news conference on Wednesday that he did not trust Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani in terms of building positions in the negotiations with Bulgaria, he said on Alsat TV’s “360 Degrees” show that he had is based on two things: personal testimony from coordination meetings and information received from ministers and ambassadors of EU member states.

My assessment is based on personal testimony of views expressed and within the internal coordination, as well as information I receive from ministers and ambassadors of EU member states.

That’s where my elements and assessment come from. Public appearances are one thing, what happens behind the scenes is another thing. Among other things, he made a statement in public when he said, I think, that Bulgaria no longer goes after the identity issues, and Bulgaria’s objection to the Macedonian language in the negotiation framework to this day, unfortunately, has not been removed. There is no clear signal from that side that they are aware that without that work there is no contract, said Dimitrov.

He says that his goal is not to attack or harm Osmani politically, but to warn the Macedonian public. One should be fair and give a chance to the new government and the new prime minister.

Realistically, I have to be fair, to give it a chance. We will have a new prime minister, we will see how he will be positioned. I welcome what he said that he will follow the lines set by the Declaration on Macedonian Positions adopted in the Parliament. At the same time, I call on them to have a government position on whether the possible solution will go to the Parliament for approval, because Bujar Osmani said that he does not think that the solution is good to go to the Parliament. Even that statement alone is enough for me and makes me a question mark and requires special care, says Dimitrov.