The group of VMRO youth activists who were arrested this morning have been released after four hours of questioning, the party informed. The police were harassing the activists for allegedly painting graffiti with political messages and were trying to scare them by evoking the name of Prime Minister Zoran Zaev.

My gratitude for the support I received from my party, my friends and all the citizens who came out for me. Four officers came to my home this morning looking for me because somebody wrote a graffiti with the message “Zaev, your hands are bloody”. I was not even in Skopje on the day it was written. I was exposed to four hours of pressure in the Novo Lisice police station, and the officers were asking me “Do you know who Zaev is?” Yes I know, and although I didn’t write it, I know that his hand are bloody, said local VMRO activist Petar Miovski.

At a press conference in this, one of the most urban Skopje districts, the detained youth activists made a joint statement.

The Zaev and Spasovski led Government kept us detained without any explanation for four hours. Their Government is afraid of its own citizens, especially the young, and is conducting a campaign of political persecution against all who think and speak differently and freely. You will not scare the young people. We are at the forefront of the change that is coming, the activists said.

Крвави ти се рацете Заев!!!Благодарност за поддршката од мојата партија, моите пријатели и револтираните граѓани! По 4…

Gepostet von Petar Miovski am Mittwoch, 27. Februar 2019