The DUI-SDSM coalition lost one vote from its majority, as it tries to discipline the smaller Albanian partner – Alliance of Albanians.

Menduh Thaci, leader of the once major DPA party, said that he will not attend the Parliament session or vote for the proposed new ministers. DUI is leading the charge to remove two ministers, for healthcare and public administration, from the technical Government after they sided with Alliance leader Arben Taravari in his decision to join the bloc of opposition Albanian parties and challenge DUI in the coming elections. DUI is using former AA leader Ziadin Sela to try to takeover the Alliance and force it to at least be neutral in the elections. But Thaci has long unsettled scores with Sela and said that he will not vote for “his ministers”.

It is not clear how will the Alliance of Albanians group in Parliament split, but the loss of Thaci’s vote adds to the problems for DUI and SDSM. AA has eight seats in Parliament and it is possible that DUI and SDSM will not have the votes to remove the rebellious ministers from the Government.