The Parliament today elected Ana Pavlovska – Daneva, professor at the Law Faculty in Skopje and an SDSM party loyalist, as new member of the Constitutional Court.

Pavlovska was elected with 65 votes in favor and 26 against, with the votes split along party lines. VMRO-DPMNE pointed to her long partisan career saying that it will just add to the political influence over the court. Pavlovska was member of President Crvenkovski’s office, Vice President of SDSM and once led an SDSM list in general elections.

Pavlovska, member of a family known for its loyalty to the Communist regime and persecution of suspected pro-Bulgarian activists, broke with Zoran Zaev, over his policy of appeasing Bulgaria and meeting her demands in full. Some of the VMRO members of Parliament pointed to her criticism of SDSM on this issue. Her presence on the court could lead to interesting developments as the concessions SDSM is making to Bulgaria are eventually challenged before the court.