We demand that the Albanian language textbook for the fifth grade be immediately withdrawn from use, and along with it the “party emissary named minister”, said today the spokesperson of the Alliance for Albanians, Naim Bajrami.

If you want to destroy a nation without war, destroy its education, and one of the “best” ways to do that is to politicize education. For years we have been raising our voices against various forms of partisanship in education. We only heard promises from this government that they would work on depoliticization, but in reality, they did the opposite, by introducing the party into every part of education. Recently, the party entered the textbooks and texts of the most sensitive age groups. DUI has already been entered as an example in the Albanian language textbook for the fifth grade, specifically in the lesson on abbreviations, where examples of countries and international institutions are mentioned, Bajrami said.

As he added, this is a “scandalous abuse of textbooks for party propaganda, for indoctrination of children, similar to the time of communism and the time of Comrade Tito and Comrade Enver.”