As the Parliaments of Albania and Kosovo are holding a joint session to mark the 110th anniversary of Albanian independence, Prime Minister Edi Rama hailed the great accomplishments for the Albanian nation in the region. In this, he included Macedonia, mainly the introduction of the Albanian language as an official language. The other great achievement Rama listed is the election of ethnic Albanian Dritan Abazovic as Prime Minister of Montenegro.

The SDSM led Government in Macedonia is wholly dependent on the Albanian votes, and this has forced Zaev and now Kovacevski to make major concessions to the Albanian parties. Zaev agreed to a law that would make Macedonia entirely bilingual, elevating the Albanian language to the same level as the Macedonian. But the law is seen as unconstitutional, which is now prompting demands from the Albanian parties for changes in the Constitution.

The celebration of the Albanian independence day is marked in the Albanian majority cities in Macedonia, which are all decked with the red flag with the black eagle. Kosovan Prime Minister Albin Kurti, who attended the celebration, praised the previous generations who fought “for a home for all Albanians”.