El Cheka on one of his Facebook accounts shared a call for a protest in front of the government building on July 26, addressed to the leaders of the Albanian opposition parties Zijadin Sela and Bilal Kasami, “Plusfino” reports.

The call comes from a certain Imer Arifi, one of the members of the organizing council of the protests:

I, Imer Arifi, as a member of the organizing council of protests, together with all the councils we have created throughout Macedonia, we call: Zijadin Sela and Bilal Kasami (Alliance and Besa), on 26.07.2019, Friday at 14h to join the protests in Skopje in front of the government and parliament buildings, reads the statement, adding that” we will not keep silent, because silence is a crime. The protests are national. The parties should support the people. “