Weddings cannot be held when it is banned. Citizens cannot gather and fail to comply to the measures, it is unacceptable, Minister of Health Venko Filipce said at Thursday’s press conference where he informed that in the past 24 hours 175 new Covid-19 cases have been registered and five patients have passed away.

Filipce informed that a family gathering in Ohrid of about 200 people has led to at least eight positive COVID-19 cases with 40 people put in isolation, and a Skopje wedding with some 100 attendees resulted in 14 cases.

Filipce said that epidemiologists are faced with a major problem in this case, because the guests refused to cooperate.

Protocols must be respected, Filipce said.

According to him, a major problem in the country is the fact that a large number of coronavirus patients do not provide accurate data on the epidemiological survey and refuse to tell their contacts.