The shocking incident of the expectant mother who lied on her Covid-19 survey and was admitted to a clinic meant for women who are not infected, took another bizarre turn today.

The news site reports that the survey the woman made when admitted to the Cair public gynecology clinic had a page stolen from it – precisely the page that contains the false statement that none of her close family members are infected with the coronavirus.  The woman’s father in law was positive at the time when she was admitted in Cair, and after this was found out – no thanks to the patient – she was also tested and it was determined that she is also positive. The survey was left in the archives, but had the key page ripped from it.

This endangered the major gynecology clinic set aside for patients who do not have the virus. The Mother Teresa complex has a clinic that has all the necessary precautions in place to treat coronavirus positive expectant mothers.

Yesterday it was reported that this patient also falsely claimed that she is a doctor, to further reassure employees at the Cair clinic that she is not a threat to the other patients. The Cair clinic is located in one of the worst affected areas in Macedonia, where the virus has exploded after the Muslim month of Ramadan.