The Chairman of the ethnic Albanian political party Alternative, Afrim Gashi, in an interview with the daily Local said that he personally wishes that the constitutional amendments pass but stresses that it doesn’t depend on his party because of the number of MPs. He added that the party’s organs will make the final decision on the voting.

“If we speak hypothetically – which is the best way to make a mistake – if the constitutional amendments do not pass, then it makes no sense anymore for this fragile majority to exist, and we will have to go to early elections in order to find a solution for the country’s EU integration”, he said.

Gashi claims that, according to his sources, the amendments won’t pass because, as he said, “the very manner in which they submitted the proposal to the Parliament shows that they don’t care if the amendments pass, they are only interested in putting the opposition in front of a temptation that will affect the results in the next elections”.

Regarding the merging of the ethnic Albanian political opposition in one block, Gashi said that the leaders must overcome their personal, party, and other interests and unite not only “to defeat the corrupted DUI, but also to save the children’s future”.