Former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski wrote on Facebook that the biggest bomb exploded today, meaning that the previous government has been toppled with manipulated wiretaps. Slowly but surely the truth is coming to the surface, Gruevski wrote. He notes in his post that when the “bombs” emerged in 2015, they said that they were not authentic and thorough, meaning that they were modified afterwards. And according to Gruevski, the media, the journalists, analysts and haters who supported SDSM mocked with the claims that the tapes were cut, edited and modified. From a marketing point of view, those expressions were not the best choice, but they were the truth, the former Prime Minister of Macedonia said in the lengthy Facebook post.

And now finally, and little unexpectedly, for many “unbelievers and those who knowingly refuse to believe” came the testimony of Zoran Verusevski, in which he himself says that the audio tapes were heavily modified and compromised that those he handed them over to Zaev, Gruevski said in his post.