Outgoing EU Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn again expressed his disappointment that Macedonia and Albania were not allowed to open EU accession talks in October. Hahn warned that the move could destabilize the Balkans.

EU leaders failed to live up to their commitment to open accession negotiations with “North” Macedonia and Albania at EUCO. This is a matter of extreme disappointment. EU member states now need to clarify how serious their commitment is to the Western Balkans’ EU integration. I thank all those who last night put all their weight on achieving a decision of great strategic importance for the EU and fought for sending a signal of hope to the citizens of the Western Balkans. This is not a moment of glory for the EU. To refuse acknowledgement of proven progress will have negative consequences, including the risk of destabilization of the Western Balkans, with full impact on the EU. It is our responsibility now to stand with the countries whose citizens are rightly disappointed to the bone and will continue to do everything in my power to support them, Hahn said in a series of tweets.