Following French President Emanuel Macron and the European Council Chairperson Jean Michelle’s statements it becomes clear what direction the EU enlargement with the Balkan region will take.

What is really important is that we have to forget about membership in 2030 – it was but a tasty ЕУ candy that all regional politicians swallowed.

At least Macron is sincere and said that “perhaps EU should evolve toward a Union with “multiple gears” regarding the integration of Ukraine, Moldova, and the West Balkan”.

If the words of a man who sold the Bulgarian demands as a “French proposal” don’t sober up our politicians, we really don’t know what will.

Translated from the diplomatic language to the colloquial one, this means the following.

EU will first complete the process of internal reforms, and only then think about enlargement. The most Macedonia, Monte Negro, Albania, Serbia, and now Ukraine and Moldova can get is one seat in the EU, with no voting rights.

And with no veto rights, of course. Hence, there will be one EU for rich countries, and one for the poor, that is, the second league.

And only God – and the EU – know when even this will happen.