The Socialist Party of Macedonia reacts to the “unfortunate and frivolous statements” by Kovachevski, delivered at the Bled Strategic Forum this weekend.

The party complains that, instead of gaining an additional motive to fight for his country from the content of the Bled Agreement from August 1947 (when the then president of Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito, forced the Bulgarians to officially recognize the Macedonia people and promise fair treatment), he continues to delude himself with the malicious and unneighborly statements and the unrealistic membership deadlines.

“Therefore, the French President’s statement on the functioning of the EU and the need for EU reforms prior to the next wave of enlargement is contrary to the promises and the naive expectations of the current ruling majority. This should have been a sobering event for the ever more illegal and authoritarian Macedonian government”, the Socialist Party wrote in its Tuesday statement.