The Ministry of Interior will pay 1/3 more expensive food than last year, the winner of the contract is a company whose owner is close to Spasovski, accused VMRO-DPMNE.

3.3 million euros were spent by the Ministry of Interior last year for the procurement of food, and up to 4.5 million euros can be spent this year according to the Framework Agreement between Spasovski’s Ministry of Interior and the “Industry Service” company.

Instead of better service, police officers get more expensive food, but also canned food. Instead of real goulash or beans, “Industry Service” will serve canned goulash and beans to the officers.

Industry service is not a manufacturer of the food it has offered, but a reseller. Police officers and all employees who eat in the kitchens at the Training Center in Idrizovo and the Police Center in Gjorce Petrov have been damaged.

In the public procurement procedure itself, one gets the impression of favoring “Industry Service”. Food is offered that is not available on the market, the selected offer has an incorrectly filled technical specification.

Doubts arise that Spasovski’s Ministry of Interior favored “Industry Service”, and the fact that Oliver Spasovski was at the laying of the foundation stone of the same company’s factory casts an even bigger stain on the whole process.
Is Spasovski’s closeness to the owner of “Industry Service” the reason why the Ministry of Interior will pay 1/3 more for food than last year? Institutions should not wait and react, said the party.