The opposition VMRO-DPMNE holds a significant lead over the ruling SDSM in both electoral unit 3 and electoral unit 4, according to a comparative analysis conducted by the IPIS Institute for Political Research and presented on the MTV show Objective.

In electoral unit 3, regarding the question of which party respondents intend to vote for in the upcoming parliamentary elections, VMRO-DPMNE saw a slight increase in support from 32.8% in February to 33.4% in March. Conversely, SDSM’s support rose from 14.8% to 16.9% over the same period. The Left and the ZNAM Movement also experienced marginal increases. The percentage of respondents who chose not to disclose their voting intentions decreased slightly from 21% to 19.4% from February to March.

In electoral unit 4, VMRO-DPMNE maintained its lead over SDSM, with support rising from 30.4% to 31% from February to March, while SDSM’s support increased from 16.9% to 17.9%. Similar minor fluctuations were observed for the Left and the ZNAM Movement.

When asked which party they believe will win the next parliamentary elections, 40.3% of respondents in electoral unit 3 expressed confidence in VMRO-DPMNE in March, compared to 15.1% for SDSM. The Left and the ZNAM Movement also saw slight increases in perceived support. Similarly, in electoral unit 4, VMRO-DPMNE maintained a significant advantage over SDSM, with 37.2% expressing confidence in VMRO-DPMNE compared to 8.1% for SDSM.

Overall, these findings suggest a strong showing for VMRO-DPMNE in both electoral units, indicating a favorable outlook for the party in the upcoming parliamentary elections.