The Office of outgoing President, Gjorge Ivanov, asked the Government’s General and Common Affairs Service to be given offices that he will use after he leaves office, the Service told MIA.

The Service said that Ivanov’s written request, which arrived this morning, will be approved. It’s about office space that the outgoing president already found and now asks an agreement for his rental to be concluded.

President Gjorge Ivanov’s second term ends on May 12.

According to the law on the rights of the President and his family after he leaves office, he is entitled to a pension whose amount is equal to the amount of the salary received by the President of the state, he is entitled to office space and up to three associates. He is also entitled to personal security, as well as using an official vehicle and a driver.

Of the former presidents, Branko Crvenkovski has a lifetime presidential pension and an office. The family of the deceased President Boris Trajkovski, his wife Vilma and the children have other rights provided by the law.

According to the Constitution and the law, a former president may lose lifetime privileges only if he is dismissed by impeachment or if the Constitutional Court finds that the president had no legal capacity during his term.