President Gjorge Ivanov, after Sunday’s voting in the presidential election, said he expects election day to take place in the best order as it resembles a country that has been in democracy for three decades.

In the past few days, the citizens had the opportunity to hear everything that the candidates offer and to make their decision today. What will be the decision of the next round of presidential elections will be the will of the people and their decision who will represent the state in the next five years, Ivanov said.

He wished the candidates all the best, and wished much more peaceful and more successful mandate to the winner.

We already have continuity as a country to achieve our strategic goals, the Republic of Macedonia deserves to hold what it has been fighting for, which has been denied so far. I expect a much more peaceful mandate, without many crises, because in the past period we faced many political crises and challenges both in the country and in the region. I expect in the future that everything they promised the citizens to fulfill and achieve our strategic goals, Ivanov said.