The President of the Constitutional Court, Dobrila Katsarska, says that initially she did not want to burden either the public or the law enforcement authorities, but that she finally decided to report the threats against her because, as she said, “they happened almost every second or third day”.

These are threats that I have reported, but I have suffered threats for several years. And, so to speak, not a week goes by that I don’t have some kind of threat. I also had a physical attack. I was physically attacked, but I never reported it before, I thought it was an isolated case, said Katsarska, answering journalist’s questions at a press conference in the Constitutional Court for her three-year mandate.

Asked if there is any connection regarding the threats directed at her, Katsarska said that until today there is no information about it.

Whether those threats will continue or not, I could not say. Until today, no, I haven’t. I have no information about what was reported as the first event, and the one who threatened me personally, he was detained at the police station. I could not answer how far the procedure is and what happens next, Katsarska said.

On May 14 of this year, she reported a possible security threat to the police station after an improvised bed and a kitchen knife were found in her private parking space near her residence in an underground garage of a building in Centar.

As the spokesperson of the Constitutional Court, Hristina Belovska, said at a press conference, they leave it to the authorities to determine whether it is a threat or a coincidence. Regarding the threats, she added that there were more inconveniences in continuity.

On May 18, near the “Ramstor” shopping mall in the center of Skopje, an unknown person verbally threatened the president of the Constitutional Court, after which her security intervened.