Following his defeat in the initial vote on the Bulgarian constitutional amendments, Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski offered to resign on the same day when the amendments are eventually passed. This is his latest offer to the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party which holds the key to the change of the Constitution that Bulgaria requires from Macedonia.

I was not born destined to be Prime Minister, it was a great honor and responsibility for me, to implement a vision for a better life for my citizens. I was completely sincere with what we would gain from the EU if we adopt the amendments. That is why I’m ready to resign the day the amendments are passed, and that we go to elections, Kovacevski said.
Previously his coalition partner DUI also had its ministers submit their resignations, again dependent on VMRO voting for the amendments.

VMRO responded that Kovacevski has lost his legitimacy and that the opposition remains determined in opposition to the amendments.

Kovacevski got only 70 votes, of the 73 he is supposed to have on paper – he lost additional votes. Kovacevski and SDS brought Macedonia to a dead end. They accepted conditions that 80 percent of our citizens oppose. Kovacevski’s policies do not correspond with the will of the majority of Macedonians. He knows that the amendments will not be accepted, but only tries to remain in power a day longer, VMRO said.