Defense Minister Slavjanka Petrovska is hiding a luxury property. As I said in the duel with the Minister on Wednesday, she reported to the Anti-Corruption Commission only debts, two loans and one credit card, but not a luxury hacienda in Radisani, VMRO-DPMNE MP Dragan Kovacki pointed out at today’s press conference.

During the duel, I asked Petrovska if she was hiding property in Skopsko, after which she denied it and said that everything she owns is in her report, that is, she does not own any property. Petrovska was caught in a lie, hiding property.

The truth is that Slavjanka Petrovska owns a huge hacienda with a swimming pool in Radisani. This is Petrovska’s hacienda. There is a large swimming pool in that hacienda, the entire property is surrounded by a large two-meter fence, which can be seen in the following pictures.

This is the record sheet of Petrovska from the Real Estate Cadastre. This property of Petrovska is also registered in the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre, noted in a record sheet in the cadastral municipality of Radisani. And it is located on Radisanska street. Residents of that part of Radisanska street, according to the voter list, vote in polling station 2948/1, which is located in the Aco Sopov school. It is the same polling station where Slavjanka Petrovska votes. From this, we can conclude that the address of the luxurious hacienda of Slavjanka Petrovska is also the address of residence, which is the same as on her ID card.

Additionally, according to our information, Petrovska’s hacienda, in addition to not being registered as her property in the Anti-Corruption Commission, is also an illegal construction, that is, it is not legalized. We call on the competent institutions to act, and Slavjanka Petrovska, instead of VMRO-DPMNE as promised, to donate this luxurious hacienda to the associations of defenders from 2001.

We expect Petrovska to keep her word, and to give this property in the shortest possible time to the associations of defenders, people who in 2001 did not spare their lives so that we can live in freedom today. Additionally, I call on Slavjanka Petrovska to resign immediately. Officials should be accountable and honest. Lying that she doesn’t own any property that is not reported is not a reflection of honesty.

If Petrovska is hiding property, what else can we expect her to hide? A person without a moral dimension like Petrovska must not be at the head of the Ministry of Defense and sit together with the defense ministers of our strategic allies in NATO, Kovacki said.