The new director of ANB, Zarko Milosevski, who signed the granting of Macedonian citizenship to Onishchenko, is part of Mile Zecevic’s people, said Dragan Kovacki from VMRO-DPMNE at today’s press conference.

But is the same part of the plan of Artan Grubi and Mile Zecevic to give 20 Macedonian citizenships to people from Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries from the Far East through the Technological-Industrial Development Zone in Tetovo? According to the plan of Zecevic and Artan Grubi, in Macedonia, there is an opportunity for the state to grant citizenship to foreign persons due to the existence of a special economic interest from them in the form of an investment worth over 400,000 euros. On the basis of such investments, Milosevski should sign over 20 citizenships of people from the Far East, and the legal representative of them should be the law office of Mile Zecevic, says Kovacki.

According to him, the citizenships of people from the Far East will be paid.

Here the question arises whether the commission for the services provided by the NSA will be paid in the form of lawyer’s services and whether over 3,000 requests for Macedonian citizenship that are in the drawer and about which the structures of the DUI are alerting, should be dismissed through this elaborate scheme? So from here, it is clear why there is a consensus between SDS and DUI for Zarko Milosevski. Instead of the security services being in the function of the security of the state, SDS and DUI have ruined them and they are using them for their personal enrichment, Kovacki pointed out.