The Democratic Union and LDP welcome last night’s proposal of the leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski to reduce the number of MPs from 120 to 90, as well as the fact that now it is acceptable for the opposition party to introduce one constituency.

The Democratic Union estimates that it is good that besides SDSM, now VMRO-DPMNE is also committed to democratization of the election process, to one constituency, as well as to reduce the number of MPs. Consensus is slowly being built on the reform of the electoral process as a whole and we expect this to happen with fundamental changes to the Electoral Code, to ensure equal conditions and democratic rules for the electoral contest of all political parties. We demand that the amendments to the Electoral Code be scheduled as a matter of urgency in the Parliament and that the changes be adopted, said the Democratic Union.

LDP leader Goran Milevski also reminds that his party in 2010 promoted the idea of reducing the number of MPs to 90. However, he said, it is good that other parties are finally aware that we need small and efficient institutions.