During the session of the Macedonian Government on Tuesday, for the first time ethnic Albanian ministers spoke in Albanian, as provided in the controversial law on the use of languages.

The law, which clearly violates the articles of the Constitution regulating the use of minority languages to municipalities where the minority constitutes more than 20 percent of the population, was voted in a year ago, but after President Ivanov refused to sign it, it was eventually published with a signature from Speaker Talat Xhaferi – another violation of the Constitution.

It’s early attempts at implementation caused friction even within the ruling coalition, such as when Veles Mayor Ace Kocevski threatened to leave a press conference where ethnic Albanian Minister Arber Ademi insisted to respond in Albanian.

In other institutions, ethnic Albanian officials also demanded that the central Government begins operating bilingualy as soon as possible. In the Judicial Council, member Selim Ademi asked President Zoran Karadzovski to be allowed to speak in Albanian. Karadzovski replied that the Judicial Council will look into the deadlines for implementation contained in the law, and will act in accordance with the Constitution and the law.