Several Macedonian intellectuals have written a letter to French President Emmanuel Macron, in which they point out that blocking our country’s Euro-integration process only by France is incorrect and dishonest and to a great extent dangerous.

We are afraid that very soon, the question will arise whether France is in fact instrumentalized again by Greece itself, and thus the very Prespa Agreement that you personally stood behind will be called into question, they wrote in the letter.

In the letter, the Macedonian intellectuals stressed that with great efforts our country managed to get out of the frame of a closed society, made constitutional changes by renaming itself from the Republic of Macedonia to the Republic of North Macedonia, accepting a precedent unprecedented in the history of international law, and something that the European Union has not set as precondition for any of the members states.

Moreover, the intellectuals say that France’s blockade will be a knife in the back of all righteous and open-minded citizens who sincerely respect European values, moral norms and standards and are trying to build a system in which these values will be embedded in the political and legal foundations.