I promise that as a manager of the municipality every week one day a week I will perform my work activities from the Municipal Building in Samokov, only in this way we will make the local self-government closer to the citizens and service to the citizens, says Zarko Risteski, VMRO-DPMNE’s candidate for mayor of the municipality of Makedonski Brod at Thursday’s rally.

Risteski also pledged to return the municipal bus lines from each settlement, subsidized with funds from the local budget.

The Barbaros Industrial Zone must become a reality, which will provide an opportunity to create new jobs, and thus young people will stay here. The project involving urbanization of rural areas will enable the development of animal husbandry, but we must also help beekeeping and rural tourism. The wastewater treatment plants in Samokov and Makedonski Brod must be put into operation because they are the primacy of the most ecological municipality, he added.

Risteski asked for the support of the citizens and pledged to solve the issue with stray dogs, and to building a day care center for children with special needs.