For the local elections 2021 the political parties in Macedonia spent MKD 454 million, or €7.3 million, while at the same time they had revenue of MKD 449 million, or €7.3 million, the latest report of the State Bureau of Audit (SBA) reads.

The audit involved the financial reports by 27 political parties, 22 coalitions, and 92 independent candidates, supported by “group of people”.

The auditors established that 68 participants in the Local Election 2021 submitted their reports – 14 political  parties, 20 coalitions, and 34 independent candidates, 11 political parties and 34 independent candidates didn’t submit any report. Two political parties, two coalitions, and 24 independent candidates submitted reports that fail to reveal the expenditures and revenues.

The auditors from the SBA issued 32 recommendations as how to improve the situation with an election participants’ financial reports. Among the other things, the auditors require amendments to the Elections Law, which would stipulate penalties for the media who took part in election campaign to also submit financial reports, or face fines.