VMRO-DPMNE continues with the protests that it started organizing on September 9. The protests are gaining momentum and through them we present the concerns of the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, based on everything that is happening in the country. The motive of today’s protest is the injustices, corruption, crime and persecution that this non-national government carries out every day, the coordinator of the VMRO-DPMNE’s group in Parliament, Nikola Micevski said Tuesday in an interview with TV Alfa.

Micevski stressed that the revolt of the citizens is growing every day and this is evidenced by the protests that are increasingly supported by the citizens, and that these protests are in order for this non-national government to leave as soon as possible.

VMRO-DPMNE together with the citizens started to convey their demands, ie to demand a change of this government. We protested against the increase of the price of electricity, something that was not announced by the government, we protested for Goce Delcev in support of the historians and everything that is secretly negotiated behind closed doors over the identity and the founder of the Macedonian nation. That is why today we resume in seven cities, the protests are getting bigger, the demands of the citizens are increasing and for that reason it means that today we are here together with the entire opposition, that is, a right-wing front that is growing day by day and gives support to VMRO-DPMNE in the organization of these protests, so that once after three years this non-national government leaves and all the injustices and persecutions that they do stop, Micevski said.