Answering a reporter’s question regarding the statement of Kiril Petkov for possible removal of the veto and inclusion of Bulgarians in the Macedonian Constitution, VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski said that this is what VMRO-DPMNE has been saying for months that our bilateral problems and all those demands that official Sofia has will enter the negotiating framework, which means that we will either assimilate or Bulgarianize and as such we will enter the European Union, or there will be no European Union for us, despite the fact that the first intergovernmental conference will take place.

But I am convinced that the EU member states will not allow it because many times in the past those same member states have said that bilateral problems are only bilateral problems and they can never be multilateral, ie problems of EU member states with countries that are aspirants, ie candidates. So if that happens and if this government signs that document, the people of Macedonia and the citizens should know, yes, maybe that first intergovernmental conference will take place, but the negotiations will never start until we accept to assimilate and to enter the EU as Bulgarians and accept everything that is contained in the resolution of the Bulgarian Parliament from November 2019, said Mickoski.