VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski paid Friday a visit to Struga. He said that the Zaevism was suffocating our society, and for that, there was evidence every day and on every step.

Today I see from certain media how SMS messages from the prime minister are being transmitted in which he boasts that he has employed over 28,000 party soldiers. If this is true, it means that it has burdened the state administration for so much, for the 28 thousand salaries that the citizens will pay. Obviously, nepotism spreads like cancer and forms an integral part of the Zaevism, but the real problem is that behind each of those 28,000 newly employed party people there is at least one disappointed citizen and a young man who studied, fought through life, his family invested and hoped.

Now each one of them is thinking about how to leave the country because with this government there is no future here. It’s the dreadful consequence of the Zaevism, the taxes being paid by every citizen. We must not be a society of privileged authority and oppressed citizens. We must not allow talented people to be driven away by the untalented. This state should be equal for all citizens, said Mickoski after the visit to Struga.