The scams of the government continue, and they sink deeper into their own mud. This government is delegitimized, and each step means further disappointment and ruin. I was in the victorious Sopiste and people know that the days of this incompetent government are counted. Opposite to elitism, people need values and principles, opposite to incompetence people need work and capable people in the right places. We have a government that did not fulfill all of its key promises. Two years have passed, and there are no results and there are no excuses that can justify their incompetence. And with these people, it will not be better. Therefore, let’s raise our voice against deception, against the injustices, and destruction of our country. Let’s together fight for the future, the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristian Mickoski wrote on Facebook after meeting with the citizens of Skopje’s Sopiste.