VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski rejected the request by Ali Ahmeti and the DUI party that any future coalition partner for the Albanian parties must agree to changes in the way the President is elected. Ahmeti wants to end the practice of direct elections, where it’s always been ethnic Macedonian candidates that make it to the second round, and demands indirect selection of Presidents through Parliament, with veto right for the Albanian parties.

This is the first time DUI puts forward their condition for supporting a presidential candidate in the second round. For one, this means they have given up on their own candidate Bujar Osmani. And this morning, Pendarovski’s office came out to shyly say that it would be better if the President is elected in direct elections in the future. Stevo, you continue to speak as a commentator, and you want to spend five more years as President. Here’s you opportunity, come out at one of your half-empty events and clearly say that for you it is unacceptable that we amend the Constitution. Or maybe you want to suspend the vote of the people, who are the ultimate sovereign in Macedonia, and allow the fate and future of the country to be tailor made in an office in Zajas?, Mickoski said, referring to Ali Ahmeti’s native village.