VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski reiterated today that the party will not support changes to the Constitution under Bulgarian pressure – a day after the Foreign Ministers of Austria, Czechia and Slovakia came to Skopje to issuse this request and warned of isolation if Macedonia does not comply.

We had an substantial debate, an exchange of views and our views remain unchanged. If somebody is isolating Macedonia, it is the criminals in power, Mickoski said during a visit to Prilep.

Mickoski said that during the meeting the three ministers pointed out that they do not use the word “isolation” but delays in the EU accession talks. Mickoski added that Prime Minister Kovacevski did not consult the opposition when he agreed to the Bulgarian demands, even though he knew he doesn’t have the votes to implement them.

Next week, ministers from Germany, France and Poland are expected to visit with the same purpose. Mickoski said that the arguments on the part of VMRO remain the same. “I do not hear new points from that side, and if they are coming with this goal, I will be really disappointed. The last thing on our minds here in Macedonia is amending the Constitution. The people have real problems”, the VMRO leader added.